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Melon and Fruit Juice Mix Fall Into Winter Design of Green Bee Mee by GreenBeeMee Red Violet Round Illusions Fall Into Winter Number Four by GreenBeeMee by GreenBeeMee Charcoal and Red Feather Circle Fall Into Winter Design by GreenBeeMee by GreenBeeMee


Source: Fall Into Winter Collection by GreenBeeMee | Redbubble

This Green Bee Mee Design Collection is rolling out as expected. Browse and share. The Fall Into Winter Collection was created with scarves in mind, though the images are offered on many products. People like selection not restrictions. Give the people choices. That’s the plan. Slip from Autumn to Winter by adding a uniquely colored scarf choice to a one color suit or dress and add a warming accent to your outfit.

Use a Green Bee Mee Design scarf to wrap a gift, pad a basket of goodies, or tie up a bow. Double duty gifts, and make the wrapping more sustainable using scarves. A fun and beautiful way to give and share.



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